NewBasis introduces the quickest way yet to order and receive the most popular underground enclosures on the market today. Introducing the NewBasis Quickship program…

Available Products
Part NumberStyleSize (L” x W” x H”)BodyLoad RatingQTY
FCA243624T-90136Fiber-Poly Assembly24 x 36 x 24TaperedTier 15 / 22K0
PCA121212-00000Polymer Assembly12 x 12 x 12StraightTier 15 / 22K9
PCA111812-90114Polymer Assembly11 x 18 x 12StraightTier 15 / 22K7
PCA173018-90120Polymer Assembly17 x 30 x 18StraightTier 15 / 22K0
PCA173024-90158Polymer Assembly17 x 30 x 24StraightTier 15 / 22K0
PCA242424-90057Polymer Assembly24 x 24 x 24StraightTier 15 / 22K5
PCA243618-90135Polymer Assembly24 x 36 x 18StraightTier 15 / 22K9
PCA243624-90329Polymer Assembly24 x 36 x 24StraightTier 15 / 22K22
PCA243624-90330Polymer Assembly24 x 36 x 24StraightTier 22 / 32K3
PCA243636-90203Polymer Assembly24 x 36 x 36StraightTier 15 / 22K17
PCA304836-90328Polymer Assembly30 x 48 x 36StraightTier 15 / 22K9
PCA363636-90094Polymer Assembly36 x 36 x 36StraightTier 15 / 22K7

*Prices are 3rd Party Bill or FOB Factory ONLY. Pricing not valid for freight allowed at any volume.
Please email for a freight estimate.


How does it work?

  1. Email to verify current inventory as the website is only updated once a day.
    Also include the the city/zip so we can respond with an estimated freight charge.
  2. Send Purchase Orders to with “QUICKSHIP” referenced in the body of the email.
    Put the cover marking in the notes under the part number. See example below.
    (4) PCA173018-90120 – $143 ea.
    ELECTRIC on cover