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Available products include:

ProductDescriptionCurrent Inventory
FCA132418T-0000213X24X18 FRP Tapered T15/20K Load0
FCA173018T-0000217X30X18 FRP Tapered T15/20K Load0
FCA173024T-0000217X30X24 FRP Tapered T15/20K Load0
FCA243624T-0000224X36X24 FRP Tapered T15/20K Load0
FCA243636T-0000224X36X36 FRP Tapered T15/20K Load0
FCA304836T-0000230X48X36 FRP Tapered T15/20K Load0
Polymer Concrete
PCA111812-0000211X18X12 PC Straight T15/20K Load0
PCA111818-0000211X18X18 PC Straight T15/20K Load0
PCA173018-0000217X30X18 PC Straight T15/20K Load0
PCA173024-0000217X30X24 PC Straight T15/20K Load0
PCA242424-0000224X24X24 PC Straight T15/20K Load0
PCA243624-0000224X36X24 PC Straight T15/20K Load0
PCA243624-9011124X36X24 PC Straight T22/32K Load0
PCA243636-0000224X36X36 PC Straight T15/20K Load0
PCA304836-0000430X48X36 PC Straight T15/20K Load0

Inventory Updated as of: July 2, 2018