Utilities and industries that use underground enclosures have adopted several standards and testing protocols. Most of the standards try to ensure that the enclosure will stand up to anticipated loads: vehicles and people. These standards and testing protocols include loads on the top and sides, deflection, and some component of cyclic testing to try to mimic how the product will perform over time. Virtually all the protocols are single product/destructive, meaning one product is tested assuming that it is a good representation of what the manufacturer produces.

All NewBasis Fiberglass/Polymer concrete and solid Polymer Concrete products are engineered to comply with Telcordia GR-902-CORE, ANSI/SCTE 77, WUC 3.6, and RUS industry standards. In addition, all NewBasis polymer concrete is classified by UL under UL 723. As part of this classification, not only does UL subject NewBasis polymer concrete to the associated flammability and smoke development index test, but it also conducts a quarterly audit of the manufacturing facilities, quality control program and other aspects of production and engineering to ensure the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control.

  1. ANSI/SCTE 77. This protocol was developed by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers. Load tolerance is depicted as “Tiers.” The higher the Tier number, the greater the load tolerance. For a copy of this standard click here. NewBasis tests its products according to the ANSI/SCTE 77 protocol and has tests witnessed and certified by an independent testing company. Click here for additional answers to your questions.
  2. Western Underground Committee. This consortium of utilities came together more than 40 years ago to adopt standards for underground enclosures. Western Underground standards address both load test protocols and shape and design standards so manufacturers’ products could be interchanged. Western Underground Committee 3.6 is a testing protocol, similar to ANSI/SCTE 77. Load tolerance is depicted as thousands of pounds, “20K” for example. For a copy of this protocol click here. NewBasis also tests its products according to WUC 3.6 and has tests witnessed and certified by an independent testing company.

These protocols only ensure that the actual enclosure tested passed the test. There is nothing in these protocols about what process controls the manufacturer uses to ensure that ALL similar products will also pass the test. NewBasis is working closely with the University of Southern California, Western Underground and other organizations to develop protocols for process control and inspection that assure the end user that all products will perform as designed and specified.