How do I get NewBasis approved by an agency or utility?

For new products reviews that you would like to have evaluated for approval by a specific agency, please contact customer service at info@newbasis.com.  Most specifying and approving agencies will require drawings, some of which are available through our product page, load test certifications, material certifications and various additional documents that can all be obtained from [...]

What nameplates are available?

NewBasis offers a variety of nameplates to choose from for placement in our polymer concrete covers.  Custom text nameplates are available at a small additional charge. Logos and custom artwork require an additional one-time set-up fee. Nameplates can also be cast in to the cover. Please note the need for nameplates to be cast in when requesting [...]

What is included with an enclosure?

NewBasis enclosures include the box and cover, and are shipped assembled. They typically include 3/8″ stainless steel bolts and brass nuts cast into a ‘floating nut’ box with integral drain holes.  Enclosures also come with a standard drop-in nameplate. Additional assembly options include racks, mouseholes, EMS markers, pulling eyes, knockouts, and conduit holes.

Can you describe the composites you use?

NewBasis manufactures products out of Polymer Concrete, which uses a high strength, highly corrosion resistant polymeric resin as a binder instead of cement. Polymer Concrete exhibits mechanical properties that are 2-3 times stronger than conventional concrete, enabling us to design and form lightweight, high performance parts. NewBasis also manufactures products out of high strength fiberglass. [...]

How do I get a login to track an order online?

We will set customers up with a login to the website upon request. You can then log in and view all orders, check status, or track a shipment. Please contact your customer service representative for more information.

How do I obtain pricing or submit an order?

Price requests can be sent to Quotes@newbasis.com. You can send purchase orders to Orders@newbasis.com. You can always speak to a representative by calling (951) 787-0600. NewBasis sells through distributors. For the name of your closest distributor, please contact customer service at (951) 787-0600 or by e-mail at info@newbasis.com. Distributors can place orders through their local NewBasis Sales [...]

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