What nameplates are available?

NewBasis offers a variety of nameplates to choose from for placement in our polymer concrete covers.  Custom text nameplates are available at a small additional charge. Logos and custom artwork require an additional one-time set-up fee. Nameplates can also be cast in to the cover. Please note the need for nameplates to be cast in when requesting [...]

What is included with an enclosure?

NewBasis enclosures include the box and cover, and are shipped assembled. They typically include 3/8″ stainless steel bolts and brass nuts cast into a ‘floating nut’ box with integral drain holes.  Enclosures also come with a standard drop-in nameplate. Additional assembly options include racks, mouseholes, EMS markers, pulling eyes, knockouts, and conduit holes.

Can you describe the composites you use?

NewBasis manufactures products out of Polymer Concrete, which uses a high strength, highly corrosion resistant polymeric resin as a binder instead of cement. Polymer Concrete exhibits mechanical properties that are 2-3 times stronger than conventional concrete, enabling us to design and form lightweight, high performance parts. NewBasis also manufactures products out of high strength fiberglass. [...]

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